Weekly Diary, No. 233 (13 – 19 January 2007) Weekly Diary, No. 233 (13 – 19 January 2007) JUNTA GETS AWAY WITH IT – AGAIN! THAILAND THUMBS ITS NOSE AT JUNTA – AGAIN! EMBASSY BESIEGERS RETURN! PEACE PRIZE FOR SHAN ACTIVIST! Think Piece Democracy is not about control by the majority, but about respect for the minority.Bob Costa, Florida, USA, Post Bag 14 January 2007 I believe there is a struggle for control of Islam (within the Islamic world) and which side wins is going to have a deep effect on our civilization, on our world, for many generations to come.Christiane Amanpour, Correspondent for CNN, Outlook, 18 January 2007 Time passes, Ten Thousand years are too long. Seize the day, seize the hour. Mao Zedong's poem, quoted by Richard Nixon on 21 February 1972, in his banquet toast to the Chinese leader, Time, 11 December 2006 The World4 December 20 買屋網061,348 days: length of US involvement in World War II, a milestone the US involvement in Iraq passed on 26 November 2006. (Time) International Relations12 January 2007Asean is prepared to help Burma's reconciliation process, but wants the ruling junta to promise there would be measurable changes and to give its full cooperation to Asean. (New Straits Times) 12 January 2007 FM S. JayakumarAsean will reject military coups under a proposed regional charter, say government – appointed advisers including former Singapore FM S. Jayakumar. (AP) 12 January 2007Burma escapes censure at the UN Security Council after China and Russia vetoe draft US resolution calling on the regime to stop persecuting minority groups. (Agencies) 13 January 2006New Light of Myanmar accuse Nobel prize winners of interfering in Bur 賣房子ma's internal affairs by seeking to visit Burma. (The Nation) 14 January 2006Asean offers to help Burma deal with humanitarian problems, including displacement of people and diseases. The new approach reflects possible policy shift. "Asean has dwelt too much on political and economic engagement," writes a Philippine paper. Asean leaders nevertheless renew their call on Burma for quick reforms and release of political prisoners. (AP) 14 January 2007Burma's military ruler thanks China and Russia for vetoing a draft resolution tabled by the United States on 12 January. (Japan Economic Newswire) 14 January 2007Asean says it must take responsibility for handling Burma, as the country has put the grouping's credibility at stake. (AFP) Asean has also shifted its attention to the humanitarian crisis plaguing the country 關鍵字排名. Activists however stress that the humanitarian problems are 'directly or indirectly caused' by the junta. (DPA) 14 January 2007South Africa's decision to join China and Russia in voting against a UN Security Council's resolution questioned. (Sunday Times –South Africa) Khom Chad Leuk of Thailand also asks why the Royal Flora Exhibition was boycotted by South Africa following the September coup but Burma was given a preferential treatment. (SHAN) 15 January 2007Burma's Cynthia Maung, India's Inderjit Khirana and Betty Makoni of Zimbabwe named joint winners of this year's World's Children Prize, by the Swedish Children's World Association. The award will be given on 16 April and the three will aplit $ 140,000 cash prize. (AP) 18 January 2007 Jose Ramos-HortaEast Timorese PM Jose Ramos-Horta says he is disa 好房網ppointed the UN Security Council failed to pass a resolution on Burma. Burma may not be a threat to regional security because it does not possess biological or nuclear weapons capability but Burma's rights situation, drug problem, HIV rates, and displaced populations do pose a threat to the regional, if not, international security. (VOA) Thai-Burma RelationsJanuaryVisa applicants to Thailand are now required to show evidence of having at least a $540 (700,000 Kyat) bank account, according to a Thai embassy official in Rangoon. (New Era) 16 January 2007Thai government declares change of Armed Forces Day from 25 January to 18 January. Previously, 25 January was thought to be the day King Naresuan defeated his Burmese opponent in a duel. It was recently discovered that the actual date of the event was 18 January. (Matichon) 17 January 2007Rambo IV 個人信貸 is due to be shot beginning 27 January in Keudchang, a village tract in Maetaeng distract, Chiangmai province. The locals however say the film company has yet to obtain official authority from all agencies concerned. (Khao Sod) 18 January 2007"The Legend of King Naresuan I: Pegu's Hostage," a 3 hour epic, comes to Thai movie theaters. It will keep you glue to your seat. The image of Bayinnaung, the conqueror of Ayutthaya, is also portrayed rather positively. (The Nation) Ticket sales should outstrip those of Suriyothai, currently the box office # 1 at the Thai cinema with revenues of 600 baht million baht ($ 15 million). (Bangkok Post) Politics/ Inside BurmaJanuaryKyaw SanThe junta leadership has barred Brig-Gen Kyaw San from being the regime's spokesman since 29 November following his less than satisfactory performances, according to an MRTV official. (New E 開幕活動ra) 12 January 2007 Than ShweSenior Gen Than Shwe arrives at Rangoon's international airport in mid-afternoon. He enters a black Land Cruiser and joins a motorcade of security vehicles to his residence a few kilometers away. (AP) 15 January 2007As though to refute reports about his failing health, junta-run television shows Gen Than Shwe in its coverage of meeting he had with top senior leaders. He apparently looks well. (Irrawaddy) 16 January 2007A group of activists attending a regular Tuesday prayer vigil for political prisoners at Shwe Dagon beaten and driven out by about 200 police and USDA members. (DVB) 17 January 2007According to sources involved in the construction project of Senior General Than Shwe's mansion in Pyinmana, he had spent at least $ 1 million to get the job done: 550 million Kyat for the constitution and 750 million Kyat for the decoration and furniture. (S 酒店打工HAN) 18 January 2007 Aung San Suu KyiJunta media claim Aung San Suu Kyi, who has spent 11 of the past 17 years in detention, is evading taxes by spending her money from the 1991 Nobel Pease Prize and other award overseas. (Guardian Unlimited) Shans/ Shan State15 January 2007 Charm TongShan activist teacher Charm Tong awarded Student Peace Prize by Norway. (Statement) 17 January 2007Shwe OhnShwe Ohn, elder Shan leader, calls on the National League for Democracy (NLD): To confer with allied parties before making important decisions To form a consultative council for the purpose To formulate short-term, long-term plans in consultation with the said council To continue placing priority to holding dialogue with the SPDC (Statement) Economy/ Business16 January 2007China's southern Yunnan province has asked Burma to loosen visa rules for Chinese merchants, Myanmar Times reports. Burmese mer 信用卡代償chants are allowed to stay in Yunnan for up to 6 months but Burmese authorities on the other hand issue only 1-day permits for their Chinese counterparts. (AFP) Human Rights17 January 200725 foreign diplomats from Rangoon arrives in the western border town of Maungdaw to inspect UNHCR projects, aimed at bringing back Burmese Muslim refugees from the neighboring Bangladesh. (Narinjarra) 18 January 2007Kyi Soe Tun, chairman of Myanmar Cinematic Association, is facing pressure from junta authorities for refusing to speak out in support of China and Russia's veto of the UN Security Council draft resolution on 12 January. (DVB) Environment Drugs12 January 2007A new homemade drug concocted by Burmese migrant workers is called Asean – a mixture of heroin, amphetamines and milk, say Thai police. It is sold in small bottles for about 30 baht. People working long hours on travelers in Rangoon will drink up to 開幕活動two bottles a day. (AFP) DVB had already reported on 20 January 2004. For more details see Show Business, http://www.shanland.org/resources/bookspub/drugs/SBII.pdf/view P.16 – Editor 14 January 2007Police Maj-General Amaresrit Watanavibool, Commander of Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB), says informants can get rewards for their information: 100,000 baht ($2,857) for 1 kg of ice 3 baht ($0.09) per tablet for yaba 20,000 baht ($ 570) per kg for heroin Details can be seen on website www.narcoticop.com (Bangkok Post) 19 January 2007 Operation Ivory Triangle, a joint investigation of drug networks, has resulted in busting an international trafficking organization that processed drug through a storefront in Thailand. The networks distributed heroin from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma and northern Thailand throughout the world. Heroin bought for $ 3,500 - $ 6,000 per kilo in Thailand is resold in the US for as much as $ 100,00 室內裝潢0. (AP)  .


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