KNU Statement on New Military Operation by SPDC Flag of KNU KNU Statement on New Military Operation by SPDCOFFICE OF THE SUPREME HEADQUARTERS KAREN NATIONAL UNION KAWTHOOLEI 12-4-2007 Starting from April 7, 2007 the SPDC military clique launches a military operation against the base area of the KNLA 7 酒店經紀th Brigade, in Pa-an District of the KNU. In this operation, LIBs 231, 355, 356, 546, 98 and 28 from MOC-12, and some DKBA units are being used. With regard to this, we, the KNU, issue a statement as follows. In July 2006, the SPDC tried to use 澎湖民宿 the ploy of taking Gen. Bo Mya to Rangoon for medical treatment, but as it was rejected by Gen. Bo Mya himself, the SPDC suffered a shameful setback. Once again when Bo Htin Maung defected and surrendered to the SPDC on February 22, 2007, the SPDC suffered anothe 房地產r blow of shame, as the 6 battalions of the KNLA 7th Brigade and the 3 battalions of KNLA General Headquarters explicitly opposed it. As a result of its failures, the SPDC became pathologically incensed and started this military operation, in order to put pressure on the KNU. 酒肉朋友 In fact, since February 2006, the SPDC has been launching ferocious military operations in the KNU base areas of Toungoo, Nyaunglaybin, Papun and Thaton Districts, in the northern part. These military operations have caused the destruction of more than two hundred villages and the emergence 酒店打工 of about 25,000 destitute internally displaced persons (IDP), who have to flee from their hearths and homes and hide in the jungles. Some news media are wrongly portraying the military clashes as the Karens fighting among themselves. The truth of the matter is that the SPDC is launching military operation 室內裝潢s against the KNU and the Karen people and they are part of the SPDC military clique’s agenda to divide the KNU, destroy the Karen people’s revolutionary resistance and enslave the Karen people protractedly. The use of some Karen armed groups now in these operations is also in accordance with a long-time arrangement systemat 酒店經紀ically planned by the military clique. We, the KNU, will continue to struggle on, with unfailing loyalty to the Karen people, until they gain the right to decide their own political destiny, and oppose all acts within the Karen people to destroy national unity and the unity of the revolutionary resistance. We will oppose all kinds o 禮服f defeatism within the Karen community and cooperate with those who truly have patriotism. We urge every Karen to see the actual common enemy of the Karen people, not to do anything benefiting the enemy and oppose the treacherous tactics of the enemy, using Karen to fight against the Karen. Constantly rejecting dialogue for resolving the fundamental politic 房屋買賣al problems of the country fairly and launching military attacks viciously against the Karen revolutionary resistance by the SPDC, in accordance with the policy of total annihilation, are not correct acts. For that reason, we decidedly condemn them and, with this statement, call upon the SPDC to resolve the country’s political problems, justly, through dialogue.   辦公室出租  .
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